A Comprehensive Study of Characteristics of Construction Organizations and Projects KPIs

Document Type : Research Note


D‌e‌p‌t. o‌f o‌f A‌r‌c‌h‌i‌t‌e‌c‌t‌u‌r‌e F‌a‌c‌u‌l‌t‌y o‌f F‌i‌n‌e A‌r‌t‌s T‌e‌h‌r‌a‌n


Enterprises and institutions need to evaluate their activity to determine the extent to which their goals have been achieved. One possible way to carry out this evaluation is to measure performance, for which organizations rely on metrics known as Key Performance Indicators (KPI). KPIs represent a set of measures focusing on those aspects of organizational performance that are the most critical for the current and future success of the organization and its ongoing projects. Thus, the right KPIs can be used to make improvements to construction organizations and projects. The main objective of identifying KPIs is to determine the main characteristics and definitions of them. Our research is intended to have a comprehensive study and review of available KPI definitions provided by previous related and valid works and also to identify the essential KPI characteristics. In order to identify the essential characteristics for a KPI to be efficient and effective and have a comprehensive review of KPI definitions, by searching the most related keywords to the topic, 133 articles were selected, 22 of which were related to KPI definition and 11 article papers were about the characteristics of right KPIs. After studying the selected articles completely, the same characteristics in different articles were combined together and recorded as a single characteristic with a specific number of repeats. By sorting the selected characteristics based on the number of repeats in other researches and in descending order, a complete list of essential characteristics for KPIs was provided. As a result of this research, based on a list of 51 characteristics of key performance indicators and by investigating all of the valid definitions of KPI methodology, a comprehensive definition was provided. At last, for each identified KPI, a complete definition with a practical example from organizations or projects in the context of construction industry was mentioned. The outcomes of this research could be a base for identifying the right KPIs in different industries, especially the construction industry.


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