Author = A.R Mamdoohi
Scenario creation of Shared Autonomous Vehicles Penetration Rate, a Quantitative Environmental Analysis

Articles in Press, Accepted Manuscript, Available Online from 21 September 2024


Amir Reza Mamdoohi; Ali Rahmani

Modeling factors affecting utility to use internet taxi under Covid-19

Volume 38.2, Issue 2.2, September 2022, Pages 55-65


A. Kheiri; A.R. Mamdoohi

Behavioral modeling of the impact of Internet taxis on the car dependency

Volume 38.2, Issue 2.2, September 2022, Pages 67-77


S.R. Esmaeilzadeh; A. R. Mamdoohi

Impact Of Congestion Pricing Policy Change On Mode Choice: The Case Of Tehran

Volume 37.2, Issue 1.1, July 2021, Pages 13-21


A.R. Mamdoohi; E. Hamrang Ghoortlar