Reviewing process

Upon receiving a paper, performing initial checkouts, and adjusting it to the journal requirements and publishing codes, it goes through the process of scientific and content scrutiny.

  • Reviewers, foreign or domestic, are selected based on the article’s field of research and expertise as well as the editor-in-chief’s opinion.
  • Reviewers cooperate with the editor-in-chief and other editorial board members in investigating and analyzing the scientific content of a paper as well as enhancing its quality based on scientifically valid opinions.
  • After reviewing a paper, the selected reviewer expresses his/her readiness online to either agree or disagree to review a paper (due to lack of relevant expertise, irrelevant department of expertise, shortage of time, etc.)
  • In case of disagreement, the reviewer is expected to help the editorial board members find a suitable reviewer.
  • In case of agreement, the reviewer presents his specialized opinions and revisions based on scientifical findings in an unbiased manner and report the results in due time to the journal.
  • Reviewers are required to observe trustworthiness and confidentiality; to ensure this, the journal handles all the necessary contacts with the authors directly.

Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Services (formerly Publons)

Web of Science Reviewer Recognition Services (formerly Publons) works with reviewers and publishers to give credit for peer review. In order to improve the activities peer review records of this journal, dear Reviewers, please send the link of your Web of Science profile page to the editor of the journal. If you are not a member of this database, please register in the database through the link below and send the address (URL) of your profile in this database.

Web of Science registration link (publons)

In addition, please forward the review completion email, which will be sent to you after the reviewing manuscript, to


Journal Reviewers in 2022


Name Last Name Publons (WOS)
Amir Abbas Rassafi Publons
Abbas Pourdeilami Publons
Mostafa Rezvani Sharif Publons
Farhad Behnamfar Publons
Fardin Azhdari Khankahdani Publons
Shahin Dabirian Publons
Abdolreza Sheikholeslami Publons
Jafar Asgari Marnani Publons
majid gholhaki Publons
Amir Reza Mamdoohi Publons
Mostafa Zamanian Publons
Vahab Tofigh Publons
Mohammad Hosein Adibrad Publons
Abolfazl Arabzade Publons
Hamed Khezrzadeh Publons
Mohammadreza Chenaghlou Publons
mehdi Komasi Publons
Yaghoub Mohammadi Publons
Hossein Toosi Publons
Amin Alvanchi Publons
Mohammad Kazem Sharbatdar Publons
Ali Hajiani Boushehrian Publons
Amir Saedi Daryan Publons
Nader Hoveidae Publons
Navid Siahpolo Publons
Aliakbar Yahyaabadi Publons
Ahmad Aftabi Sani Publons
Ebrahim Afsar Dizaj Publons
Reza Kamgar Publons
Amir Akbari Garakani Publons
hooshang katebi Publons
Mohammad Hosein Talebpour Publons
Yazdan Shams Maleki Publons
Alireza Mortezaei Publons
Mussa Mahmoudi Publons
Hadi Fattahi Publons
Hassan Moomivand Publons
Akbar Cheshomi Publons
Ali Lakirouhani Publons
Hamid Rahmani Publons
Alireza Bagheri Publons
SeyedMahmood VaeziNejad Publons
Rasoul Daneshfaraz Publons
MohammadHosein Aminfar Publons
Seyed Rohollah Hoseini Vaez Publons
Ali Heidari Publons
Freydoon Rezaie Publons
Maziar FahimiFarzam Publons
Mohammad Reza Ahadi Publons
Mahmoud Malakouti Publons
Yaghoub Alipouri Publons
S. Mahdi Hosseinian Publons
Mehdi Fallah Tafti Publons
Mohamad Hosein Dehnad Publons
Amirhossein Baghestani Publons
Alireza Moazezi Mehretehran Publons
Abdolhosein Haddad Publons
Hossein Rahami Publons
Fereydoon Omidinasab Publons
Majid Pouraminian Publons
Mehdi Soleymani Publons
majid parchamijalal Publons
Mojtaba Azizi Publons
Hani Arbabi Publons
amir hassan rezaei farei Publons
Hamid Bayesteh Publons
Gholam Moradi Publons
Seyed Sina Kourehli Publons
Gholamreza Zamani Ahari Publons
seyed ali asghar Hosseinzadeh Publons
Gholamreza Nouri Publons
ehsan dehghani Publons
Morteza Hosseinali beigi Publons
Vahid Broujerdian Publons
javad alamatian Publons
Mohammad Shooshtari Publons
Abolfazl Mosaedi Publons
Saeed Reza Khodashenas Publons
Mohammad sharifipour Publons
Vahid Toufigh Publons
Alireza Negahdar Publons
Amin Iraji Publons
Mojtaba Lezgy-Nazargah Publons
Mahdi Majedi-Asl Publons
Mehdi Mazaheri Publons
Seyed Hamed Meraji Publons
Mahdi Mahdikhani Publons
Arash Bahar Publons
Seyed Mohammad Seyedpour Publons
Mahmood Akbari Publons
Mehdi Ghanbarzadeh Lak Publons
Bita Ayati Publons
Hossein Karimi Publons
Kiachehr Behfarnia Publons
Babak Ebrahimian Publons
Seyed Mojtaba Mosavi Nezhad Publons
Masoud Ziaei Publons
Mojtaba Ghasemi Publons
Hossein Khozeymehnezhad Publons
Amin Shams Publons
Seyed Naser Moghaddas Tafreshi Publons
Hamid Reza Saba Publons
Abbas Ghadami Publons
Nader Mokhtarani Publons
Rasoul Alipour Publons
Mohammad Reza Hamidian Publons
Moghde Zargaran Publons
Ata Hojatkashani Publons
Ali Ghorbani Publons
Hamid Alielahi Publons
Amin Bahmanpour Publons
Yousef Hosseinzadeh Publons
Payam Asadi Publons
Mohammad Reza Arvin Publons
Mahmoud Edalati Publons
Masoud Rabeti Moghadam Publons
Saeed Ghaffarpour Jahromi Publons
Pooya Zakian Publons
Vahid Reza Ouhadi Publons
Hassan Sharafi Publons
reza Ziaie_Moayed Publons
Ali Mohammad Publons
Baitollah Badarloo Publons
Alireza Firoozfar Publons